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Do you want to upload and download your files comfortably and easily? There is nothing better than to install FileManager to your device!


macOS & Linux installation

If you have issues with uploading files, try to change connection from Native Win OS to Indy/Open SSL in app Settings.

To update from 32-bit to 64-bit version, we recommend uninstalling the original FileManager first and then run the 64-bit version installation file.


  • Auto files upload
  • Pausing the upload of the queue
  • File manager uploaded files
  • Download of the files individually or queued
  • Pausing the download of the queue
  • Slow down the upload of the queue
  • Proxy support

Windows installation

  • Download the installation file
  • Open the installation guide
  • Follow the instructions
  • FileManager is installed on your device

macOS installation

  • Download WineBottler on your Mac
  • Install it to app folder
  • Download FileManager installer
  • Click on downloaded FileManager and choose to open with Wine
  • Wine provides you with two options – open in Wine or convert .exe to .dmg
  • Choose convert .exe to .dmg, tick „App Bundle“ and press „Install“
  • After a while you see standard Windows installation process
  • FileManager is installed on your computer and you can start using it

Linux installation

  • Install Wine:
    sudo aptitude install wine
  • Save the downloaded app to any folder: e.g.:
  • Download FileManager
  • Go to your folder via command line:
    cd ~, neboli cd /home/username
  • Launch Wine app
    wine Uloz.to_Uploader-setup.exe
  • Follow the installer
  • FileManager launches automatically after installation. You can launch it using
    wine ufm.exe


Version 2.92 released 1. 9. 2022

  • Fixed bugs that caused the application to crash
  • Support for users with Disk (
  • Edits in file downloading and uploading
  • Added consistency check for downloaded files

Version 2.91 released 17. 3. 2022

  • Fixed a bug where the application did not display newly uploaded files
  • In-app optimizations and fixes

Version 2.84 released 13. 4. 2021

  • Better bug reporting
  • Localization fixes
  • High DPI app icon

Version 2.83 released 23. 3. 2021

  • Better bug reporting
  • Bugfixes and optimalizations

Version 2.82 released 8. 12. 2020

  • Speed test fix
  • Improved bug reporting
  • Various bug fixes and improvements