Android app

Do you often use your smartphone or tablet? In that case you can't miss our app for Android.


If you install the app instead of the Google Play version, we recommend backing up the downloaded files before reinstalling.

Installation guide

  • In your mobile browser click the Download button
  • Confirm shown download dialog
  • After finishing download run the installer
  • Your OS may require additional permission to accept apps from untrusted sources, confirm the dialog again
  • Finish the installation and app is ready to use

We'd like to introduce a big update to Ulož.to Disk, which we've been working on for a long time. New features and improvements will bring you convenience and more control over your data. Don't wait for anything come try the new look of the app today.

Key features

  • New modern design of the app
  • Automatic file synchronization to the cloud
  • Content pages are always displayed in the language of the device setting
  • Working with the File Recycle Bin
  • Service Notifications (previously only available in the web version)

Version history

Version 3.2.7 released 10. 04. 2024

  • Automatic upload - new option in Settings to back-up all photos and videos to the cloud

Version 3.2.5 released 1. 12. 2023

  • removed features: Add to Disk, Favorites, sharing, ratings, comments
  • removed the ability to use external search engines
  • application now alerts users when cloud Disk capacity is reached

Version 3.2.4 released 21. 11. 2023

  • new controls via App Shortcuts on the app icon
  • fixed bug with deformed thumbnails in full screen mode
  • fixed bug with "back" action on Android 14
  • fixed bug with fast download starting instead of slow download
  • other minor fixes

Version 3.2.3 released 03. 10. 2023

  • added option to secure the app with a fingerprint or faceprint
  • transition to the new graphical preview system completed
  • fixed bug with default location for saving downloaded files
  • fixes file rating related errors
  • restored ability to move Favorite files to Disk
  • fixed system notifications on upload/download for Android 13+
  • fixed a bug occurring during update on Android 11 and 12

Version 3.2.1 released 06. 09. 2023

  • re-enabled option to change file save destination

Version 3.2 released 14. 08. 2023

  • temporarily removed the option to change the destination folder for saving downloaded files, as it could cause problems

Version 3.1.7 released 10. 08. 2023

  • different graphical file preview system
  • fixed bug in working with ebook formats

Version 3.1.6 released 17. 7. 2023

  • returned ability to select destination folder for saving downloaded files
  • the search term does not disappear when accidentally switching between tabs
  • another public search engine DuckDuckGo
  • option to request cancellation of user account
  • updates for archive content listing and file upload
  • fixed bug when working with passworded files
  • fixed bug when uploading files from other applications (e.g. Photos)
  • fixed bug when bulk selecting files from loacl device
  • fixed folder selection error during "Add to Disk" action
  • API key replacement

Version 3.1.3 released 15. 5. 2023

  • fast downloading of your own files up to Disk limit
  • ability to add public files and Favorites to your own Disk
  • dark and light mode switcher
  • preserve filters when switching between the "My Files" and "Favorites" tabs
  • fixed bug when using password managers (Bitwarden, etc.)
  • text corrections and minor bug fixes

Version 3.1 released 23. 3. 2023

  • application text editing
  • behavior changes for Favorites
  • improved file sharing wizard
  • when uploading or after creating a new folder it is directly selected and opened
  • file search remembers last phrase
  • various minor fixes and adjustments

Version 3.0 released 3. 2. 2023

  • New modern design of the app
  • Content pages are always displayed in the language of the device setting
  • The ability to rate files
  • Working with the File Recycle Bin
  • Ability to search for public files using external search engines
  • Service Notifications (previously only available in the web version)
  • Removal of access to files in the Data folder (end of API support)
  • Other minor fixes and changes

Version 2.63 released 7. 11. 2021

  • fixes for Android 11 a 12

Version 2.63 released 28. 9. 2021

  • new feature: Notifications
  • upload works better when uploading a large amount of files
  • various bugfixes

Version 2.61 released 15. 6. 2021

  • bugfixes and improvements

Version 2.55 released 15. 3. 2021

  • bugfixes and improvements

Version 2.54 released 7. 12. 2020

  • corrections in downloaded files (deleting, scrolling)
  • improved file system, file access (download errors)