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Mobile application for iPhone and iPad

Ulož.to on iOS device? What can be better?

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Key features

  • Your files are with you all the time.
  • Uploading files from your mobile device to the cloud.
  • Easy sharing of your files with your friends.
  • Searching files (yours or public).
  • Parallel download.
  • Play audio files easily.

Download by QR code

  • Are you using your desktop PC and do you want to instal the app into your mobil phone?
  • Scan the QR code by your phone and show this app in App store.
  • Install app a and have fun with from your phone.

Version history

Version 1.79 released 29. 10. 2019

  • My Files workflow improvements
  • Minor display errors during upload process fixed
  • App stability improved
  • Notification and advertising system implemented
  • Other minor bugs fixed

Version 1.77 released 13. 05. 2019

  • Reliability of paused downloads resuming improved
  • Minor bugs in upload process fixed
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.76 released 26. 03. 2019

  • Continuation of paused downloads fixed
  • Work with both your own and downloaded files improved
  • The upload process revised and remade to be easier and more enjoyable
  • Several minor fixes and improvements

Version 1.75 released 17. 12. 2018

  • New upload screen appearance
  • Added ability to upload files directly from external applications (for example from Files, Photos, iCloud)
  • New ways to work with my files (editing or deleting by swiping right-to-left over the file)
  • Added support for opening links from the web or Airdrop directly in the application
  • Share via Airplay fixed
  • Upload process enhanced

Version 1.72 released 11. 10. 2018

  • File previews enhanced
  • Support for iPhone X/XS enhanced
  • Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.71 released 11. 8. 2018

  • Opening downloaded files in other apps fixed.
  • Taken photo upload crashing in iOS11 fixed.

Version 1.70 released 31. 7. 2018

  • Free download option added.
  • Comments viewing feature added.
  • iPhone X support improved.
  • Caching performance improved.
  • Several minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.60 released 7. 3. 2018

  • You can choose if you want to access Ulož.to app data via iTunes or iOS app Files.
  • You can add files to your Favorites and download them later.
  • We have fixed occasional duplicates in downloaded files and other minor bugs.

Version 1.55 released 22. 12. 2017

  • We have improved the display of files in iTunes.
  • Fix the background playback.

Version 1.50 released 2. 12. 2017

  • When you download an audio file, you can add songs to your playlist.
    • Media Playback works also in the background.
  • You can now open downloaded files using 3rd party applications
    • You can make the selection right after download
    • or in my files after selecting another.
  • The application is integrated into the iOS "Files" application.
  • We have more customized the app for the blind.
  • Now you can also search for partial matches.
  • We've added more file information.
  • You can now browse the downloaded images as a gallery while zooming in.
  • You can temporarily delete temporary files that you no longer need to use.
  • Other minor enhancements and patches.

Version 1.40 released 17. 8. 2017

  • Filtering is wider and simpler.
  • File properties are editable.
  • You can move your files between folders.
  • App supports more filetypes.
  • Possibility to check length of video and audio files while searching.
  • Better design and experience in general.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Version 1.00 released 12. 5. 2017

  • Fulltext search and file preview.
  • For registered users only.
  • Quick download and sharing options.
  • Downloaded files list.
  • Access to your own files saved on Ulož.to.
  • Easy credit charge via SMS.
  • Play audio and video files.
  • Document viewer.