Mobile application for iOS

Ulož.to on iOS device? What could be better?

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Key features

  • Your files are with you all the time.
  • Uploading files from your mobile device to the cloud.
  • Easy sharing of your files with your friends.
  • Searching files (yours or public).
  • Parallel downloads.

Version history

Version 2.1.38 released 11. 07. 2023

  • New API key added
  • Improved analytics

Version 2.1.36 released 15. 06. 2023

  • Search phrase not deleted when switching between panels
  • Option to open custom files from web/email in the app

Version 2.1.33 released 30. 05. 2023

  • Notification when the file is downloaded and uploaded
  • Ability to add Public and Favorite files to Drive
  • Added public search engine DuckDuckGo
  • Support for dark mode of the application
  • Various fixes and minor changes

Version 2.1 released 15. 04. 2023

  • Dark mode
  • Fixed file search bugs

Version 2.0 released 23. 03. 2023

  • Access files from anywhere.
  • Upload directly to the cloud.
  • Share a variety of file types with family or friends.
  • Set a password for a shared file or folder.
  • File search.
  • Improve account options by purchasing data packages.
  • Work comfortably with your files and folders.
  • Various statistics.
  • Copy other users' files to your Favorites.
  • Information for users about the most important changes to their account.

Version 1.86 released 21. 10. 2020

  • Fixed integration with Files (if you don't see the folder in Files, restart the device)
  • Support for uploading all types of files from the device
  • Fixed a download error on some types of devices
  • Fixed opening links in the application
  • Other fixes and modifications inside the app

Version 1.82 released 27. 09. 2020

  • Slow download timer is now shorter
  • Bugfixes