Frequently Asked Questions


How can I send to a friend?

Go to the page: Upload the file you want to send and set the link validity. After uploading the file, the service will generate a link, including a QR code, that you can send to a friend. Uploaded files are secured by end-to-end encryption. Service is operated by activist technology collective

Plans and Subscriptions

Is Ulož.to Disk available for free?

Yes, Ulož.to Disk in the FREE version is available for free. You can upload and download files. As a registered user, you can manage your files for free.

But each month, only 150GB of FUP is available for Fast Download and then only Slow Download is available for free from File Detail, which is limited by speed to 300 kB/s and you cannot download multiple files at once. If you're tired of waiting, you can upgrade to one of the plans and take advantage of Fast Download, which is limited only by the speed of your internet connection.

What are the benefits of paid plans on Ulož.to Disk?

Paid PREMIUM, MAX, ULTRA or ULTIMATE plans offer user comfort in many ways. They allow monthly and annual recurring automated credit card payments (aka supscriptions), offer high volumes of guaranteed disk space, a generous monthly FUP for Fast downloads and an extra mode for additional backup of all data. In addition, the Ulož.to Disk Sync app for Windows offers a convenient way to sync your PC with the Ulož.to cloud.

Why can't I prolong my Ulož.to Disk plan?

If you have an active subscription, the service will be automatically renewed and charged to the payment card you provide.
In case you have purchased the service as a one-time subscription, you can subscribe for a maximum of 2 consecutive periods.
You may switch from a one-time Disc to a subscription. Unused periods will be compensated to you in the form of a discount on your first payment. You can only order a longer period than your current subscription.

I bought a plan and want to cancel it, how do I do that?

The easiest way is to go to the Settings page where there is an "Active subscription" section. If it's inactive, it means that you've only paid a one-time amount (or you've previously cancelled it yourself), and at the end of the current period (typically one month from purchase) the service will terminate itself and you don't need to do anything further.
If the "Active subscription" section can be clicked on and a dialog box opens, select the "Cancel subscription" option, which still needs to be confirmed on the next screen with the "Cancel subscription" button. This will ensure that no further payments will be made in the future.

I am a VAT payer based outside the Czech Republic. I would like an invoice for the purchase. How should I proceed?

To issue a tax invoice, please contact us via the Contact Form with this request and the VAT number of the invoiced entity in international format within 20 days of the purchase. We will then prepare and send the invoice back to you.

Downloading from the Disk

Fast Download (using data) is slow. What can I do?

Please take a speed test and send us a URL link to the measurement result that you can find below the page or in the address bar after the test is complete.

Do you notice slow downloads on multiple files or just on single one? Can you send us a specific link to a file that downloads slowly? Please send the complete link from the download manager (in most browsers, press [CTRL] + [J] to invoke the context menu for copying the target link). For links, please indicate the approximate download speed.

Next, please sign in to your account, download this file and record the download speed.

Then, please download these files (individually) and record the download speed data:
1. file
2. file
3. file
4. file

The test scenario needs to be done while you are experiencing the problem and on the same device.

Free downloads are slow. Where is the promised 300 kB/s?

The quoted speed of 300 kB/s is the maximum possible, but is not guaranteed. Free download speeds may be limited according to the current load on individual servers. On the other hand, Fast download for data or within the FUP for logged-in users has no restrictions.

Can I download from the command line, for example via a NAS device?

Yes, for accounts of logged in users this is possible, the download command is as follows:

curl --connect-timeout 60 -O -L --basic --user username:token ''

You just need to replace the 'username' value with your account login, the 'token' is obtained in Settings and the required URL is a link to the file.

I want to automatically download files to my computer "remotely". How to do it?

The best option for automatic file downloads is, of course, Ulož.to Disk Sync for Windows.

Why is data required for fast downloading of my own files in some cases?

You have exceeded your monthly limit for Fast Download of your own files. Each plan has its own monthly limit for transferring your own files. The limit is 50 GB for the FREE plan, 10 TB for the PREMIUM plan etc. Once you exceed this limit, you can only download your own files through Fast Download using data. The limit for downloading your own files is reset once a month, either on the day of your plan purchase or on the registration day for users with the FREE plan. It is always possible to use Slow free downloading from the File detail.


How big a file can I upload to Ulož.to Disk?

There is no limit to the maximum size of the uploaded file on the server side. For uploading really large files (10 GB or more), we recommend using API or Ulož.to File Manager with the possibility of resuming broken connections.
Alternatively, it is possible to split large files into several smaller archives (e.g. using WinRAR or WinZIP).

I want to have more comfort when uploading files to Ulož.to. How can I achieve this?

For the most convenient upload of content to Ulož.to Disk, use Ulož.to Disk Sync to sync the folder between your local device and the cloud or Ulož.to FileManager, which also offers automatic upload, management, folder management, the ability to slow down and resume uploads, etc. You can also try using the official upload interface (API).

Uploading files to Ulož.to Disk is slow. Is there anything I can do about it?

Ulož.to does not limit the upload speed, files are uploaded at the maximum speed your internet connection and your browser or app will allow.

I would like to delete the files I uploaded earlier. How to do it?

If you uploaded the file as a logged-in user, you can find and delete it at any time in My Files.

How much space is really available on my Ulož.to Disk?

Your space on Ulož.to Disk is not limited, you can upload as many files as you want. However, with the FREE plan, only 50GB of space is guaranteed and files over that limit may be deleted at some point in the future. But if you get one of the paid plans of Ulož.to Disk you get guaranteed volumes of several terabytes (TB) or more.

User administration

What is Dark mode and how can I activate or change it?

As is clear from its name, dark mode adjusts the colors of the UI on the Ulož.to Disk site. Most of the time, the colors are inverted, so instead of black text on white, you'll see light text on a black background. Dark mode saves your eyes because much of the UI will go dark and you won't have as much light shining in your face from your computer or mobile screen. On the web, you can easily turn dark mode off or on - look for the menu in the top right corner and the toggle with the sun and moon icons.

How do I cancel my account?

Inactive user accounts will be automatically deleted over time, so there is no need to do anything. However, if you want to be sure or cancel immediately, write us a request via the Contact form.


Is there any way I can sync files between my computer and the Ulož.to Disk cloud?

Yes. You can do so using our app Ulož.to Disk Sync for Windows, which will automatically sync files between one folder on your computer and the Ulož.to Disk cloud, one way, the other, or both, depending on how you set it up.

Trash for files

What is Trash and how to use it?

Trash is used for logged users and all the deleted files ends there. The Trash is determined to save files deleted by mistake or files which were not used for a long time. Deleted files can see only their owner and no one else gets to them. For 30 days, files from the Trash can be restored, downloaded or deleted permanently. After the expiration date, the files are permanently deleted automatically.

How do I recover deleted file from Trash?

If you accidentally delete a file, don´t worry, you have several options to recover it from the Trash:

  1. On the page with File detail - by selecting Restore
  2. In the Trash - for each file there is a menu with actions Restore and Delete permanently
  3. With the "Restore all" button in the Trash - a convenient option for bulk file recovery

Files from Trash will restore to their original location, folder and availability. Trash is available for logged-in users.

Why is my file in Trash?

  1. You deleted the file - it can be restored from the Trash with a single click
  2. Put the file in the Trash automatically - files that have not been used for a very long time can be automatically moved to the Trash
  3. If this happens, we will notify you and you can still restore the files from the Trash. Files will remain in the Trash for 30 days and then be automatically removed from the Trash.

Didn't find the answer to your question? Write to us using the Contact form.