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Frequently Asked Questions

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Privacy settings

Who will see your files? What is file availability?

On, you can set up 3 different levels of availability for your files:
- Public: The public file is for everyone. Anyone can find it in search or via a link.
- Via link: You will not find the file shared by the link in Search.
But everyone who has a link for sharing will get to it. You will find the link on File Detail.
- For me only: Indicates your private file. You will only see it when you sign in to your account and no one else will get to it.

How can you set, who will see your file? Where does the file availability change?

You can already set the file availability when you upload, or it means who will see the file. You can change the properties of your file, including availability, at any time in File Detail or through My Files. Beware, you can only change the properties of your own files!

Are the photos of your family and especially of your children safe on

Files as such certainly, but you probably do not want to show to everyone the pictures of your children in the bath or at the sea.
In the case of uploading especially the naked children to the internet, do not forget to always protect them from seeing them by other people by choosing the files and folders with children as private or password-protected, which is recommended whenever your children are partially or completely exposed!

Is it reasonable to upload the personal photos and videos as an anonymous user?

This option exists here, but we do not recommend it for this kind of files!
You can not mark anonymous files as private, and you have no control over them in the case of administrative misconduct and moving the file to another service. For personal photos and videos, we always recommend working with them only as a logged-on user who has all of these options available.


How does online video playback work? Can I download this file too?

Some files on are available for online playback. But that does not change the download possibilities.
You can play short videos for free, for playing longer videos you have to sign up and use your credit. When you start playing, you are charged with the same amount of credit as when you download the file. The file for which your credit was deducted, you can download or play the next 24 hours as you wish.

Why you do not have the ability to play video online for all videos?

Only some video formats are eligible to play online.


Does not work, click Download

This problem may cause an installed add an Internet browser or an application on your PC. We recommend that you check your antimalware appliance, including accessories in the Internet browser, eg. The instructions at:

The file I want to download requires a password. What does it mean?

Passwords are used to lock files. Only the file owner, who entered the password during file upload, knows it. If the file doesn't have any option to send a message to the uploader, he probably doesn't the file to be published. In this case, there is no possibility to obtain the password.

The file size is in reality smaller than you stated. The file isn't downloaded to the end. Would you why?

It is possible the data weren't recorded properly. There is usually a different  cause for the different data size of the file on and on your disc. The stated size of uploaded file is informative only and it is based on a simple conversion (1 GB = 1 000 MB), while your computer uses more accurate conversion (1 GiB = 1 024 MiB) and shows exact data size.

Downloading via recharged credit is slow. Sometimes it is even worse than the free download. Can you help me?

There might be a problem on the usual line between you, your connection provider and our servers.
In the account settings you can find the option Preferred server, try to change this option for example to Superhosting, OVH or Dial-Telecom.
If you are unable to change the settings, follow the instructional video: .

Downloading via recharged credit is slow. The change of preferred server is not helping. What should I do next?

Please, contact our customer support and send as many details about your connection and the problem as possible. Our support staff will send you more specific questions or a set of tests that will help you to analyze the situation better. We state the basic subsidiary questions in the example below:

1. What is your Internet connection? Please do a speed test on and send us a link to the page with the measurement results.
2. Have you experienced any problems with slow downloads on more files or just on this one? Can you eventually send us the link to the slowly downloading file?

Free download is slow. Where is the promised 300 kB/s?

Stated speed 300 kB/s is the maximum possible, but is not guaranteed. Free downloading speed can be limited according to the actual workload of particular servers. There is no such a restriction for downloading with an account for Fast download and recharged credit.

I can not download for free, because Slow downloading use many people. What can I do?

During peak hours, our infrastructure can be very busy. Each of our servers handles only a limited number of Slowdowns at one time. Therefore, we recommend that you try to download the file again or you can choose another file that can be stored on another server. Another option is to try Fast Download with credit, which we do not limit.

Can I download via command line, for example, through a NAS device?

Yes, it is possible for Fast downloads (for credit). You can use download command as follows:

curl --connect-timeout 60 -O -L --basic --user username:password ''

All you have to do is replace the user and password values with your login information and the required link.

If you use Synology NAS, you can also use the official plugin.

When does the captcha verification code appear in the slow download?

Capturing the captcha code serves as a security element for user authentication. It is not necessary to copy this code for newly uploaded files and small files up to 50 MB. Connoisseurs who like to enjoy the puzzles can still find captcha on some files.


What is the maximum size for uploaded file?

You can normally upload files up to 18 GB. The maximum size of the uploaded file is usually limited on the browser side.

We recommend you to split files larger than 18 GB into several smaller archives (such as WinRAR or WinZIP) and then upload these archives. Experienced users can also use command line uploads.

Payments and credit

For how long is my credit valid?

Usually, bought credit is valid for 2 years. The same applies to credit claimed from Gift voucher. Credit gained from the Uploader program expires also after 2 years and our loyalty program CreditBack gives you credit valid for 6 months. Credit aquired from various marketing offers can have a different validity. It always depends on that particular offer.
We will let you know a few weeks before your credit expires so you still have time to use it.
Check out Credit gains for further details about your credit.

Can the validity of my credit be extended?

No, there is no way of extending validity or avoiding expiration of your credit. We strongly advise to use your credit. Every credit gain has it's own expiration date that cannot be extended even if you buy some more credit. Check out Credit gains for further details about your credit.

How is the Fast download price calculated?

Fast download price shown on the download dialog is calculated from the best price items offered in the selected country.
For example, after buying 340 GB credit, you can download a 1 GB file only for 0.11 €.

I've transferred my money, but I still didn't receive any credit. When will you add it to my account?

Usual bank transfer takes one working day, so payments made during weekend wouldn't appear on our account earlier than on Monday. If you're in hurry for the credit recharge, we suggest to use a credit card for the next payment.

I've been waiting for 3 days already and I still don't have the credit for the payment I've made. What's the problem?

Please, check if all details are entered correctly and send an e-mail to our customer support. They will help you to find a solution. Please send us as much information as possible (variable, account number etc.) and do attach the payment confirmation as well.

I'd like to recharge my credit. Can you issue a receipt for my payment?

We provide payment confirmation for payments made by bank transfer. For payment confirmation send a request to

I sent an SMS with the text ULOZTO (for quick registration) and I've received a password. What should I do with it?

By sending an SMS with the text ULOZTO you've made a so-called Quick registration. We created an account withe the same user name as your phone number (for example 420724123123) and with the password you just received in that SMS. These credentials are not for registration, you can use them directly to sign in.

I've made a mistake in my SMS. Is there any solution?

It depends on where exactly the mistake has been made. Please, contact our customer support and send as much specific information as possible. Be sure you include the phone number you used to recharge your credit and SMS text. We'll try to find solution.

Can I recharge my credit via SMS one-time? Will the SMS not be charged automatically in regular term?

The SMS for charging credit isone-time. Sending recharge SMS does not bind you to regular payments in any way. You can recharge the next credit when you need it. The current SMS text and their prices can be found on the Price list.


What is an account?

You can sign up for free on to create an account. As a registered user, you have free of charge opportunity to:

  • Easily manage and organize your uploaded files
  • Comment and rate files
  • Save interesting files to Favorites
  • In case of downloading problems, you can try to set up another download server
  • Take advantage of the Partner program
  • Buy credit and use unlimited download speed

Is available for free?

The use and the registration are free and there is no obligation for you to pay anything. As a registered user, you have the option to manage your files free of charge.
It is possible to purchase data credit for the purpose of downloading at unlimited speed. You can also send financial support to the team, but there is no payment for using It is possible to download and upload for absolutely free.

I can't get to There is a message saying that I'm not authorized. What's the problem?

If there is information your access has been blocked, there probably were non-standard approaches from your IP address. It is possible you use a shared IP address and the problem doesn't have to be directly on your computer. There probably were such claims from your IP address on our web, it was impossible to solve it in a different way. The IP address will be automatically unblocked within 48 hours. It was a necessary step to keep functional for other users.

In the case the situation will happen again, please, contact your internet connection provider. It will be necessary we resolve the situation directly with him.

I can't find a file that I have already found in the past. Why?

The content of public data storage is made up of data shared by particular users. Only these users decide what to share and for how long.
The reason why you didn't find the file you've already found in the past might be one of the following:
1) Data were deleted by the user who uploaded them, or he could set that particular file as private
2) The user has set that file for temporary sharing only and the time for which it should be available has expired
3) The file was deleted because of violation of conditions (eg. Pornographic material that is in breach of the laws of the Czech Republic, material infringing the copyright reported by entitled owner, not allowed advertising, etc...). Our company interferes only in case we get the arguable knowledge of the general conditions infringement
4) The file was deleted because it contained a virus or malware. Such files can not be stored for personal use either
5) It was a file that wasn't downloaded over a long period of time and therefore was removed under general conditions
6) There might have been a technical bug that makes a particular file temporarily or permanently unavailable

User administration

How do I get the link to a file? What for is a link like  is a unique link to the detail of a particular file, while "abcdefghg" is not meant to the letter.
The instruction on how to obtain such link is mentioned below:

1st method:
Open the file detail (page that displays image preview and where the option to download the file is), then click on your browser address bar, mark the entire link, copy to the box (CTRL + C) and then paste (CTRL + V) the link to the desired document.

2nd method:
Open the file detail, click on the "Share" option under image preview, copy (CTRL + C) file link and then paste (CTRL + V) it to the desired document.

What is program CreditBack and how does it work?

CreditBack is our loyalty program. With CreditBack program you will receive an extra credit for Fast downloads and streaming. More credit you will use, more you will receive from us - for example for downloaded 30 GB from your credit you will receive on your account automatically 5 GB. Program is automatically activated if you use Fast downloading 30 GB per month or more. CreditBack counts every calendar month. You can find your current account ballance in Statistics. Credit from program CreditBack is valid for 6 months.

Your file has been moved from the service unjustifiably. What can you do?

If your file has been moved to and you disagree with it, you can ask as a file owner to move it back in file manager by selecting 18+ in the File properties or you can ask to move the file directly from the File Detail on

Your application will be reviewed by the service administrators and approved or denied. You will be informed about the processing of your application in the Internal mail.

I would like to delete the data I've uploaded.

After uploading the file the download link and also second link for deleting the uploaded data will appear.
In the case the file has been uploaded by signed up user, it is also possible to delete it using the user menu (Files).
If you use the File Manager to upload, we strongly recommend you log on to your account, otherwise, you will not be able to delete the file later!

In the case not even one option is available for you, please, contact our technical support with the link to the file ( you want to delete.

How should I cancel my account?

Contact our customer support. Please, include your login and account ID which can be found in Settings.

Affiliate programs

What is the correct affiliate link to look for programs Webmaster+ and LinkShare+?

The link for Linkshare+ and Webmaster+ is used in this form: Enter your partner number behind the equator which is listed in the Partners information. For example, Partner links containing old unsecured http:// will not be accepted.

Trash for files

What is Trash and how to use it?

Trash is used for logged users and all the deleted files ends there. The Trash is determined to save files deleted by mistake or files which were not used for a long time. Deleted files can see only their owner and no one else gets to them. For 30 days, files from the Trash can be restored, downloaded or deleted permanently. After the expiration date, the files are permanently deleted automatically.

How do I recover deleted file from Trash?

If you accidentally delete a file, don´t worry, you have several options to recover it from the Trash:

  1. On the page with file details- by selecting Restore
  2. In the Trash - for each file there is a menu with Restore and Delete permanently
  3. With the "Restore all" button in the Trash - a convenient option for bulk file recovery
Files from Trash will restore to their original location, folder and availability. Trash is only available for logged users.

How can a file get into the Trash?

  1. You delete the file - it can be restored from the Trash with a single click
  2. The file inserts the automat into the Trash - files which haven´t been used for a long time can be moved to Trash
  3. If that happens, you will receive an internal message and e-mail. There is still an option to Restore the files from the Trash.
The files will remain in the Trash for 30 days and after the expiration date, they will be permanently deleted automatically.

Reporting files

Did you encounter an inappropriate file? Let us know and we will take care of it.

We manage many tens of millions of files, and in such a quantity, the mistake could occur occasionally. But we can fix it with your help!

You can report an inappropriate file to us by clicking on the flag icon, which is always on the bottom right of the thumbnail or file icon. The reported file will reach our administrators who will review the file and handle it properly.