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Do you use a smart TV? Try large screen mode, designed just for you! plugin for Synology NAS devices

Do you use Synology NAS device?
Now you can easily download all files from directly to your NAS server thanks to official plugin.

Plugin supports Fast downloads only (for credit)

If the plugin doesn't work properly on you Synology DSM 7.0. system, we recommend to delete the plugin and add it again.


  • Comfort downloading directly to your NAS server
  • Download easily just by copy & paste any file link
  • Supports Fast downloads
  • Remote control of downloads via official Synology mobile apps
  • Multiple downloads

How to install the plugin

  • Download file
  • Go to Synology NAS web interface (using your browser) and launch the Download Station app
  • Click on "Settings" (sprocket icon)
  • Choose "File Hosting", click on "Add" and upload file
  • Choose "Download from" from Hostname list and click on "Edit"
  • Fill in your username and password and confirm
  • That's it! Now you can download directly to your Synology NAS device - just copy & past any link