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this is root for OPIPCPLUS android image on!bkcGwIpK!roLCzHz_8FNm-cTcTOYkZ7eNPZw6u5roBbflccZmmhY
1) download!bkcGwIpK!roLCzHz_8FNm-cTcTOYkZ7eNPZw6u5roBbflccZmmhY and burn the image to sd card
2) mount the sdcard on linux
3) copy opipcplus_rootfiles.tar.gz to /root folder
4) boot opipcplus from sd card
5) burn th eandroid image to OPIPCPLUS internal memory
6) mount the system partition from internal memory to /root/mnt folder (use lsblk to find it, it should be 768MB in size, the first of two)
7) unpack the opipcplus_rootfiles.tar.gz with full path... it will unpack files to /root/mnt which point to system partition
8) shutdown now
9) remove sdcard
10) power off and on the device

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