Introducing Ulož.to Disk

Ulož.to becomes Ulož.to Disk.

We are expanding storage and sharing options, while maintaining free search and downloads.

Ulož.to Disk

Free secure cloud

All registered users now get the Ulož.to Disk FREE:

  • 50 GB of guaranteed space for everyone
  • Maximum speed for downloading and sharing your own files
  • New homepage with a clear and powerful file manager
  • Anonymous registration without credit card or email verification
  • Easy access from mobile and desktop apps
  • Free downloads for all remains

New plans and subscriptions

The option to upgrade to an unlimited plan Ulož.to Disk PREMIUM offers:

  • Unlimited use of the service with a time-based subscription from 5 EUR per month
  • 1 TB of disk space, with an equal amount of data available for Fast Download
  • Recurring payments to ensure automatic renewal of the Plan
  • Higher level of backup files on disk
  • More space available on the BUSINESS plan

Data packages

Your credit has been fully converted to Data packages:

  • Data packages (data) replace the original credit
  • You can purchase a Data packages for each plan and get more data on Fast Download
  • Wide range of payment methods (credit card, bank buttons, SMS and m-Payments)
  • Data packages can also be purchased as Gift Coupons
  • The common validity of a Data packages is 2 years (same as a credit)

Bonuses and rewards

  • Greenmania, a fun game offering cheery flowers and Data-Packages
  • Using the service brings water, which can be used to earn flowers and various prizes
  • CreditBack has recently been integrated into the Greenmania game, where it is awarded as extra water every week
  • Interesting rewards can be earned for recommending the service to others